I would never say this out loud, because I absolutely believe in inclusion, but I don’t understand how we as classroom teachers can be expected to truly tend to the needs and differences of our learning disabled students when we have a class of 30 kids, demands from our administration, parents, and the job itself. I easily work 60-70 hours a week, and see as many as 150 students a day. It’s easy to blame teachers and expect them to do the impossible, but we are not trained in special education. We make any accommodations we can and offer as much support as possible, but every time I hear all the talk about inclusion and differentiation, it just sounds like things administrators like to say because it sounds good. We can barely get students to follow the main curriculum. How are we supposed to differentiate for all the different needs students come to us with? I’m sorry. I feel terrible. But this is what we teachers talk about behind the scenes.