Educational therapy designed for the uniqueness of every child.


We Believe in difference not deficit.

We believe every child is unique, intelligent, and motivated. By celebrating differences, not deficits, we have helped hundreds of students over the last 10 years unblock the barriers to their learning so their brain can begin to do what it was designed to do: learn efficiently!

Dr. Bibi Pirayesh, One of One Educational Therapy

We’re here to help!

A diagnosis of ADHD, Autism, dyslexia, or just falling behind in school can open up a Pandora’s box of unfamiliar emotions. Our job is to guide your child in understanding his or her unique learning profile, and teach them to manage the highly complex demands of today’s education system. 

Educational therapy has helped me become the student I have wanted to be. It has helped me keep up with kids in my own grade and it has also helped me become a better person.

Kennedy H. (11th Grade)

One of One Educational Therapy provides in-home and virtual educational remediation, tutoring, and executive function support to neuro-diverse students in Los Angeles and the surrounding area.