Dr. Bibi Pirayesh, One of One Educational Therapy

Dr. Bibi Pirayesh

My K-12 education was spread across 3 countries exposing me to many different curriculums and philosophies of education. I completed my Bachelor’s degree at the University of Pittsburgh where I majored in Neuroscience and Education. I hold a Master’s degree from Columbia University where I studied Developmental Psychology in Education with a primary focus on children’s development of mathematical thinking. Understanding the needs of the learning brain and using that understanding to inform educational practice is an area of special interest to me. In pursuing this interest, I have worked with the Learning Research and Development Center, where I learned about children’s misconceptions of scientific and mathematical concepts, with The Teacher’s College Reading and Writing Project, where I was exposed to the most progressive methods on the teaching of reading and writing, and with The Kelter Center where I first began applying my understanding of the learning brain to neurodiverse learners.

My other area of interest is the inequitable ways in which scientific research is utilized in our special education system. It was with a focus on the social injustices in our education system that I returned to complete a doctoral degree in education and social justice at Loyola Marymount University. As a result, my current scholarship, research interests and work in advocacy are centered around a deeper understanding of the historical and epistemological factors that fuel the inequalities in our systems. This is the reason I started the Difference Not Deficit Project, an initiative to help us shift special education one story at a time.

While my education and years of experience have certainly prepared me for the work I do in practice, I believe my success with students is due mostly to my ability to build respectful and trusting relationships with them. When I’m not learning from my students, I spend my time writing.

“I don’t know what we’d do without you and I always spread the word when appropriate. Every parent of a child who is struggling, I tell them to just call you.”

Melissa (Mum)

Meet the team

Our team of highly qualified professionals are specifically matched with every child based on their needs. Each team member brings their own unique approach and area of expertise.

Lauren Weiser, Educational Therapist

LAUREN WEISER, Educational Therapist

Lauren is a certified special education teacher and educational therapist. She has extensive experience working with students of all ages and all learning abilities. Her passion is to provide individualized support to students so they can thrive, whatever their goals may be. In her almost a decade of experience working with kids she has worked at The Help Group, LAUSD, and The Kayne-Eras Center. We are happy to have had her working with our students since 2015.

  • BA: University of Redlands
  • ET Certification: UC Riverside
  • MA in Special Education: National University


    Dominique Massoth, Educational Therapist

    DOMINIQUE MASSOT, Educational Therapist

    Dominique grew up in Los Angeles and Montreal. She is fluent in French and has worked in both private practice and school settings.  She completed her Master’s degree in 2014 and has worked as an educational therapist since. Her strengths include assessment, educational remediation and guidance,  counseling and skills building for children and young adults, academic and behavior planning, and family consultation. Her passion is helping students reach their goals and thrive!

    • BA: University of Puget Sound
    • Multiple Subject Teaching Credential: National University
    • MA in Educational Psychology: University of the Pacific


        Lisa Salgado, Learning Specialist

        LISA SALGADO, Learning Specialist

        Lisa has taught in classrooms from Irvine to Beijing. She has her elementary teaching credential and is currently working on her high school English credential. She is creative and upbeat and has extensive experience with homeschooling.

        • BA: Concordia University
        • Multiple Subject Teaching Credential: Concordial University


        Lili Khozan, Administrative Assistant

        LILI KHOZAN, Administrative Assistant

        Though Lili mostly works with us in an administrative capacity, she is a passionate and dedicated educator with over 30 years of experience teaching math and science in various school systems, including LAUSD.

          Bohdi (Boo Boo), Therapy Dog

          BOOBOO, Therapy Dog

          Booboo joined the team in 2020. In addition to adding joy and general fun to the sessions where he joins, he brings with him his hours of special training in working with kids.



            Passionate About Educational Therapy?

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            One of One Educational Therapy provides in-home and virtual educational remediation, tutoring, and executive function support to neuro-diverse students in Los Angeles and the surrounding area.