I am frustrated at my 3rd grader struggling with work and students in school saying things bc he is slower can’t pick things up as quick. LAUSD just Doesn’t want to give him the educational help he needs to succeed. Traditional methods and repeating same instructions DO not help him make the connection s himself. Making him go to after school extra classes defeats the purpose of school having to TEACH him materials. We helped teach him in 2nd grade zoom class. We tried our best to teach him a way he can learn, end of 2jd grade math and reading were 2nd grade 7 mo level. We send him to school, 1s5 quarter 3rd grade with RSP and teacher there, his reading dropped substantially, and math didn’t improve by much! He is still at 12% reading and math about same. How can you say school has helped him? He hates school bc it’s hard. He has ASD and ADHD and he knows he’s different and “wishes his brain worked like other kids” Heart breaking when school thinks they are doing good, but actually, no. They can’t teach to his learning, and they don’t know how. Pounding in the same neurotypical way of learning, and not finding a way of learning to help him see the aha moments would only make his learning gap further from his peers!!! I am tired of this and want to tear my hair out. He has the IQ to accomplish in school, and even has the talent to learn the most awesome things. He is super smart but the learning connection is not there.

Still no 1:1 to help. Still no LMB or OG or other methods of teaching him. I am still teaching him naturalistically about physics, math, science, using video games on why building this certain building won’t hold: and how to get the correct speed and force/s to run a rollercoaster- create G forces, etc, or how the Big bang theory started and advancement of science, and what elements and neutrons look like… And how they become and make gamma rays. Frustrated mom.