*S E N S O R Y •
Joey has difficulty with certain sensory things, the main one being touch.

He doesn’t like to touch certain textures like paint, play doh, or runny foods like soup or curry. He does however love to explore hard, bumpy or textured surfaces, and you’ll often see him running his hands over walls, railings and the ground 🥰 he also loves to be held tightly, and to be stroked and tickled! 💙

Joey has always hated having his hair cut, using a hood, or wearing a hat. Even from being a baby he always hated wearing a hat or hood, and I always felt guilty in the winter when his head would be wet or cold, but he would have a meltdown whenever we tired 😫
Today I tried him with a hat… and he wore it 😲 he wore it on a long walk, at the park, and all the way home. I couldn’t believe it!

Super proud of my boy, I know it’s only baby steps but to me this is a massive accomplishment and shows how he’s developing and learning 💙