As a coming in 9th grader, middle school was really hard for me. Especially because of the environment I was in it felt that I wasn’t smart enough to be there. While being surrounded by all these kids that seemed to know what they were doing in class or for any of the assignments I felt even more lost and confused. But as time went on I got closer with some of the students and even have of them were as lost as I was! Even now I still am a little loss, I struggle in many of my classes. I wish I didn’t have to take math or Latin class I wish that my teachers would and would’ve understood how frustrated it made me. Sometimes I wish that I could just drop out and never have to do school again. Sometimes I want to give up and never have to do another piece of math again but I know how disappointed my mom would be. That’s another thing my mom. I feel that she has a certain perspective about me that I’m lazy which makes it even harder for me to try my best in school when it seems like my mom doesn’t even really have faith in me.  It’s crazy because we all feel like it’s just me and I’m alone but I hope that you know that it’s not just you and that there’s at least one other person who understands.