When i was in the 4th grade we were walking up the staircase back to class when my friend tapped me and it felt like a hit but i stayed calm and put my hand on his shoulder when he slipped on the stair and it looked like i had pushed him even though i didn’t so me and him had to have a talk with the teacher and she made me walk with her all the way back to the class room and stand outside with him and my teacher while all the other kids in my class were able to do their work in class but we had to have a talk. I was trying to tell her what had happened but she kept on talking over me and not listening to what i had to say. I was so annoyed and i felt angry and also nerves. This was the same feeling i had when my teacher was teaching a subject and i spaced out for a moment and then spaced back in and she asked me a question that was easy because it was written on the board but she told me that after the fact, and i didnt now what to say because i wasn’t focusing at the time and i felt nerves that someone would make fun of me or the teacher would call me out for not hearing what she had said. I wish teachers would understand that not everyone is like them and that everyone is different.